Great afternoon at Mission Ranch with Erin, Cassidy, Dante and Sarah

Black Sheep at Mission Ranch.jpg
Sante, Sarah, Cassidy, Erin Barbara & Jim at Mission Ranch.jpg
Shofar, still attached.jpg
Lone black sheep.jpg

Do you see that black spot off in the distance in the first picture? That's the proverbial, and apparently real, BLACK SHEEP!!  See a close of up the poor guy at the bottom. Who knew that was a real phenomenon?  And check out the horns on the fuzzy white spotted sheep.  We were standing next to another family when the Dad calls out, "Tekiya." I was so surprised, I should have replied with "Shevarim,"   but I didn't.  We had the most perfect afternoon. The weather was sunny - warm enough to sit outside in comfort. The food was so-so, but we didn't care because we were all enjoying ourselves so much.  This is where Erin and Cassidy got married almost 3 years ago!

© Bts arbara Sevde 2012