Le Maire Channel cruise for dramatic views with the sun setting

The captain gave us a special treat this evening.  He told us to come to the front of the ship at 9 pm for dramatic views of a narrow straight with the the sun setting.  We continued along this path until around 11:30pm when we turned around and continued on our journey.  I can only show you pictures and I'm not sure that even they will suffice to show you how breathtaking this was.  As always, there were Humpback and Minke whales all around.  


This is the narrow passage we traveled through.  I was a bit nervous getting so close to those rocky peaks


First everything looked misty and mysterious


As the sun started to set, everything had a golden glow


In real life, the pink was so intense, it looked more like Sedona than like Antarctica


What?  A pink iceberg?


For the first time ever, no one on the cruise said they thought we looked like sisters.  I always wondered how anyone could think we look alike.  Clearly, we don't.

© Bts arbara Sevde 2012