My trip to Antarctica 2/2/13-2/19/13


This blog will include my upcoming trip to Antarctica in January. I will be traveling with my sister, Jane.  I'm already packed - might have to adjust because of weight. We have heard that we will have a strict 35 lb. limit from Santiago to Ushaia. We have also heard 44 lb. The boots alone must weigh 10 lbs.  

I have packed a virtual drug store of OTC stuff - band-aids, cold remedies, digestive remedies, sea-sickness remedies (including the bracelet.)  I also have to pack my teas - darjeeling and decaf green (my addiction.)  

Trying to get into shape for some steep climbs. 

Should be able to squeeze in one more trip to Portland to visit the Columbia outlet store in Lake Oswego. I need a full zip fleece jacket. I had bought a heavy, fleece lined waterproof jacket, but it seems the red jackets they will give us will suffice for an outer jacket.  

Just a note: I am terrified of boats, have repeated dreams of drowning by way of a wave throwing a heavy log through the window of a boat or a motel at the seaside.  This will be my first cruise. Mark reassured me that there are no logs in Antarctica because there are no trees.  

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