Dorothy’s Root Vegetable Salad

Dorothy is owner of Dorothy’s Day Spa on 125 East 90th Street in NY (tel: 212-410-0089)

where my sister has been going to have her nails done for 23 years. 

Here’s the link to the spa website:

Boil the following until just tender. These will become tender at different rates. Don’t over cook.

1 small celery root - skin on

2-3 Idaho potato sashed with skin on

3-5 carrots, washed and scraped

Turnip or parsnip if you like

Cool, peel, and cut into equal sized small ¼” cubes

Add the following all chopped to conform with size of vegetables

1 Granny Smith apple, peeled and cored

2-3 eggs, hard boiled (Be careful not to mash  - let cool completely before chopping.)

4-5 half sour pickles


Small frozen bag of Petit Pois, blanched

Dressing:  ½ sour cream, ½ mayonnaise, Polish mustard - to taste

Season with salt and pepper

© Bts arbara Sevde 2012