Seas have calmed.  

We are so fortunate to have made it unscathed through the storm.  We were told that the last 3 Le Boreal expeditions did not have any adverse weather.  We may encounter similar treacherous conditions on the way back to Ushuaia.  Our latest information from the captain is that we can expect to get to Antarctica no earlier than noon tomorrow. Sounds good to me. Another day for sleeping in. 

Everyone is very impressed by the food and the service.  

I asked the staff why they have us change our clocks and then 2 days later, change our clocks back again.  They said that on past voyages, the guests were upset to have to leave the boat at 6 am, that it was more palatable to leave at 7 am.  I said I thought that was silly because in blogs of past trips, I read that there have been outings as early as 4:30 am.  If guests don't want to leave the ship early, they are not required to, but if you pay this much money, why wouldn't you take every opportunity that is presented. I think changing the clocks so often is more annoying than going on an early outing.  

We are treated to several lectures about Shackleton and other explorers.  They endured unspeakable difficulties and were incredibly resourceful and determined.  I wouldn't have lasted one second on any of these expeditions.  I guess it's moot; I wouldn't have signed up.

We've also had lectures on the penguins we will see in Antarctica, namely Adelie and Chinstrap penguins. The photographer has been coaching us on how to photograph the penguins for the best pictures.  

The movie, "Happy Feet" played twice today in the theater. I didn't go.


I went back to my cabin this afternoon and found these birds outside my cabin.  They are Cape Petrels with white bellies, black heads and wings with beautiful white markings


Cape Petrels have white bellies


Cape Petrels follow ships to feed on waste food and creatures killed by hot water from engines. Can you tell, this is the land of black and white!

© Bts arbara Sevde 2012