A day at sea and a giant iceberg

Today we stayed on board.  A possible zodiac tour had been planned for this morning, but the weather didn't cooperate.  I had decided not to go anyway because I am still under the weather.  We did have a ship tour of Drygalski Fjord.  I watched it through my cabin windows.  This afternoon, we were alerted to a giant iceberg by the captain. It was a least one mile long.  It had several "caves"  and even some which extended through to the opposite side, which I guess makes them tunnels.  We got so close to this thing and I was getting pretty nervous.  The captain circumvented the iceberg so we could see all sides.  As we travel along we see many icebergs off in the {comfortable) distance.  That was it for excitement today.  I need another day to recover from my bug so I am grateful we have yet another day at sea.  I'm catching up on reading on my kindle.


Iceberg with multiple caves and tunnels.


Caves and tunnels with surf crashiing against iceberg that was over 1 mile long.

There are barf bags on the railings every 6 feet.  I love the motion of the ship.  I am used to it now and don't really notice it much.


Barf bags every few feet. There are mats next to each door for our muck boots and many people dry their jackets on the handrails.

We have at least 3 lectures a day by naturalists, many of whom have had decades of experience in the region as researchers.  

We put our watches forward one hour two days ago and tonight we put them back one hour.  I don't know why they bother,  with all the hours of daylight, it shouldn't make any difference in our schedules.   

© Bts arbara Sevde 2012